There are four Skills in Hero World: Detective, Medicine, Electronics, and Swimming.  The four skills have corresponding Missions.  Completing a number of missions of a certain skill allows you to advance in that skill.  The higher you advance in a skill lets you perform more advanced (and thus, more lucrative) missions in that skill, and increases your odds of successfully completing lower-level missions. 

Advancing your skill to a higher level used to require a set number of Friends as well as missions and a fee.  This was changed to require a waiting time in lieu of the Friends requirement.  The wait can be skipped by paying a number of Hero Points.  The waiting time can be reduced by having a Friend in the "Professor Y" slot in Superfriends. 

The Skills used to be found in a separate University tab; they are now found in the Skills section of the My Hero tab. 

Skill Ranks Edit

Below is a list of ranks for each Skill, along with the requirements to reach that rank.

  • Intermediate -
  • Advanced -
  • Expert -
  • Master - 210 Missions; $32,400; 16 hours.  Or, 32 Hero Points.
  • Hero -
  • Super Hero - 750 Missions
  • Epic Hero - 1230 Missions, 128 hours
  • Legendary Hero - 1890 Missions, 256 hours
  • World's Greatest Hero - 4000 Missions; $7,873,200;  512 hours.  Or, 1024 Hero Points.