Ronin's Revenge is the second adventure, and can be found in the Missions tab.

The evil genius Seto Kurosawa stole Necroverse technology and used it to travel back in time. The Hero League needs you to stop him from destroying the universe by altering the space time continuum! We will try to keep the time portal open for as long as we can . . .
Prerequisite: Complete Calico Jack's Treasure five times.

Map Edit

The map lay-out and the position of Kurosawa Seto remain constant; the distribution of the other items changes each time you do the adventure. Below shows most (not all) of the points on the map:


Enemies Edit

All enemies are Level 5, and give 2 Power Points for each victory.  The hit point totals were those that appeared for a Level 67 Hero. 

  • Ozawa Yui - 9128 HP, Thunder Kick
  • Tokuda Suki - 9388 HP, Hydro Blast
  • Ienari Jina - 7824, Power Punch
  • BOSS - Kurosawa Seto - 11344 HP; Thunder Kick, Hydro Blast, Blizzard


Three treasures must be located in order to fight Kurosawa Seto.

  • Katana
  • Lotus Flower
  • Fan

Rewards Edit

There are six rewards that can be earned, one each the first six times you finish the adventure.

  • Ronin's Mask (Head) - Level 5 Armor; Max Health: +200
  • Ronin's Chestguard (Body) - Level 5 Armor; Physical/Blast Defense +100
  • Ronin's Legplates (Legs) - Level 5 Armor; Recovery +200
  • Ronin's Boots (Feet) - Level 5 Armor; Speed +200
  • Ronin's Left Glove (Left Hand) - Level 5 Armor; Damage +150
  • Ronin's Right Glove (Right Hand) - Level 5 Armor; Damage: +150

The Hero League is once again indebted to you for saving the Universe. After disabling the time portal, Hero League scientists will be able to study the Necroverse technology to learn more about our adversaries. Stay vigilant as I'm sure it won't be long before we call on you again!