Epic battles are group efforts which require the use of stamina points to deal damage an epic villan. There are two types of battles: Item-based epic battles and Territory-based epic battles

Initiating Epic BattlesEdit

A hero may only initiate one battle at a time, but may participate in any number of them. Epic battles may be initiated in the following ways:

Battle button

Participating in Epic BattlesEdit

All epic battles being fought by teammates are listed in the epics battles section of the Missions tab, and may be joined directly from that list. A battle will also be joined by any hero responding to a team attack call.

Hero RaidEdit

The Hero Raid is an attack that is launched when enough people are participating. It does some damage that which gets credited to the summoner when loot is figured out. Each time it is used it unlocks a more powerful raid. The damage is not impressive and a hero could probably do more damage spending 30 stamina.

Epic Battle DropsEdit

About every 1000 damage you do in an epic battle gets you a "ticket." If the numbers match up you have a chance of receiving an item when the battle is won.

  • Class "S" used to only be for the one who started the battle, or "summoner" but now anyone can receive these items. Six of the numbers on the "ticket" must match to get a Class "S" item.
  • Class "A" are the best items you can get. Five of the numbers on your "ticket" must match to receive these items.
  • Class "B" are less valuable items. Four numbers on the "ticket" must match to receive these items. It seems like "B" drops appear about five times as often as "A" drops.